Sketch F


Sketch F

600/600 minted

Project #20039

Published on October 4, 2022 at 00:41

Sketch is an open-ended series. Works evolve as I code a generative project, sometimes drastically. Intermediate works usually don't see the light of day - they get archived and forgotten. This series is snapshots of different forms along the way - each standing alone, but also part of a larger meandering work flow. The word Sketch implies incompleteness. This project may end up being two works, or it could evolve for years. Part of the joy of generative art is never knowing what's around the corner. I have no set schedule. There may be multiple Sketches released a week, or it could be weeks or months between drops. I have no idea where Sketch is heading and there is no guarantee of cohesiveness from Sketch to Sketch. Color palettes and forms will change as new ideas are explored.

Sketch F(ree). A gift to all Sketch A-E collectors. The underlying grid structure from A-E remains, but more variation on size and distribution is added. Many more color palettes are introduced. Grid size, padding, and colors vary.


Artist disabled the exploration of variations after minting phase