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Homage to Herbert W. Franke and one of his classic pieces was called Quadrate. I present to you sort of a cover band variation called Hexadrate. Quadrate featured squares. Hexadrate features hexagons whose shape completely changes the feel of the algorithm. I find it takes his piece a bit further, more dimensional.

Quadrate was done in the era when computer artists had to take their output from crude graphics output device and transfer them in cleaver ways to other medium to be shown and accepted. In Franke's Quadrate the final work was a 3 color serigraph. This technique limited the presentation of this algorithm to one variation i.e., a static work. Whereas I wanted to present it as a Generative work. Using random parameters, it can be displayed on a computer screen in an infinite number of variations.

In my adaptation I first did a version of Quadrate to study. Once I understood the underlying algorithm I swapped in the Hexagon and varied the line widths. I employed 6 hexagonal shapes on the black top layer in a randomly influenced hexagonal arrangement instead of Franke's original 4 in a square arrangement. I hope you enjoy my spin on this classic work by one of the true pioneers of the medium. I wanted bring it alive as a Generative work to honor my old friend.

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