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Redols is a piece about the automated arrangement of geometrical shapes in space and how the images generated can foster different moods. It visually investigates how to adjust the amount of randomness and repetition -both in the code loops and in the visual composition- to create structures that contain the mere essence of geometry and of movement.

It explores the repetitive use of a simple geometric shape: the circle. Adds some counterpoints to enhance it: squares, lines, and triangles which are found in the background. It focuses on circular shapes, not always drawing exactly. They change their core, their measure, the color, the gradient, or some subtle details. The arrangement uses an elliptical distribution and replicates some shapes to promote the visual recognition of bigger parts thus enhancing the movement feeling.

Redols is my genesis piece at fxhash curated by VerticalCrypto Art and Anika Meier.
Exhibited at IN TOUCH: art in the age of post-nftism show at Dekabinett, Berlin, september 2022.

Redols means circular shapes, not perfect ones, in Catalan and is an investigation of how deterministic processes and algorithms can create appealing arrangements that foster non machinic agencies and sentiments.

The piece is created by code, coding it from scratch, mixing, and mastering basic drawing techniques. This approach pays attention to the art piece getting old -I hope well- and makes it easier to show and view it on different computers and platforms to prevent its obsolescence.

I tested on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Mac OS, Ubuntu, Android, and iPhone in vertical and horizontal mode, but please check it works on your device before minting.

possible features:
- colors: super fosc marro, super blau, taronja-marro, taronja-blau, marro-taronja, marro-blau, blau-taronja, blau-marro.
- fons: quadradets, escaires, diagonals.
- fonsple: true, false.
- redols: equilibrat, mironia, migmig, degradats, vespa, mandarina, us, os, pla.
- fons2diagonals: true, false.

Anna Carreras 2022

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