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This is a limited edition "behind the scenes" version of char-mandala, with

* the same design from the same seed
* depth shading on the particle chars as they draw
* a control panel to change colors and particle chars
* play/pause (after life)
* responsive improvements

Click for debug view.

Rare traits include "life: Infinity" with particle rebirth.

Read about this project and explore seeds https://www.forresto.com/char-mandala

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Minted the: 01/12/2021 at 10:59Price: 1 tezRoyalties: 15.0%Original supply: 16Supply burnt: 0Tags: mandala, particle, text, motion, gradient, lifespan, vanilla, onefileMetadata: ipfs://QmcTPXY8eyfhxY1Pu9vtvQDpLFa8rCc8odwZezppU5534S

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