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This project is about uncovering artifacts.

Each piece is determined by approximately 15 parameters. This allows for a multitude of possible forms, and each iteration is an artifact to be discovered within the multidimensional space.

This work is focused around discovery. It is about exploring the space of the algorithm, shedding light on its many forms, and sometimes finding artifacts of the real world embedded within them.

Technically, this work is a composition of three primary elements: Voronoi tessellations, orthographic projection, and the depth-sort algorithm.
The latter of these is integral to the rendering mechanism. It works intuitively, drawing distant objects before near objects, evaluating the distance of each object according to its geometric center. It does this precisely, and in doing so, it can produce interesting visual artifacts, drawing some shapes in an unexpected order.

This has been a fascinating study, bringing light to unreal shapes and forms, and uncovering artifacts in an impossible space.

I hope you enjoy it,
Nat Sarkissian

Technical Notes:
- Append “&mag=N” to the end of the URL in live mode to specify a resolution multiplier. It will render the image N times larger than the size of your window. If you have specified anything greater than 1, a download will start automatically once the rendering is done.

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