Illusion City


Illusion City

300/300 minted

Project #16289
Published on July 12, 2022 at 13:39

Illusion City reflects the variety of Istanbul by its different and divergent zones, day and night, humid summers and ice cold winters, colorful neighborhoods and giant plazas, its never ending human and vehicle traffic.

This series is an expression of how we experience this city, kind of like a love and hate relationship. The city that is a cradle of civilizations now has become a concrete jungle. Our beautiful city and its citizens are now trying to find their own balance in this state of chaos.

We wanted to express these complex emotions with a long-form generative artwork since it is the most suitable medium to explore every possible combination of emotions we have about our city.

Best experienced in full screen.


- 3 pre-made color palettes, 1 generative color palette

- 3 blend modes

- 3 topping placements

- 8 different particle angle compositions

- Several grid sizes and edges

- An intentionally kept in glitch (rare)

In live mode, press ‘s’ to save as .png (2000 x 2666 px )

It can take up to a minute to render or longer in low-performance computers. Enjoy the process!

Made with p5.js

Ilgın İçözü, July 2022

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