Gen22: Personalized Generative Fashion

Gen22: Personalized Generative Fashion

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Published on July 5, 2022 at 10:42

Gen22 is part of the fxhash live minting experience at Proof of People, London 2022.

The Gen22 system is a provocation for the future of personalized generative fashion, combining culture, history, and technology through multiple generative algorithms to produce a personalized garment complete with a weaving pattern for the tartan textile and sewing pattern for the generative garment.

The system generates a tartan textile design, a generative tunic design and a personalized sewing pattern in the needed size of the user. The weaving key of the textile pattern and the construction pattern can be used by weavers and sewists in order to produce the physical textile and garment locally.

The tunic pattern created is generated from a parametric pattern system able to create 3,125 different garment patterns in 15 sizes, to produce a specific unique textile and garment for the user.

-- Interaction --

Click ( Desktop Browsers Only )- Uses the x position of the mouse click and changes the size of the 2D garment pattern from 0 (leftmost screen) to 15 (rightmost screen)
Double-click or double tap - generates a PDF of the garment and textile patterns
Click or Tap on Textile patterns - updates the current pattern

-- Recommendations --

While we’ve worked to adapt the project to many screen sizes, Gen22 looks best on laptop and desktop monitors. The interaction and PDF generation generally works better on desktop or laptop.

-- Artists --

Elizabeth Bigger - Computational Fashion Designer and Researcher - https://elizabethbigger.com/
Luis Fraguada - Creative Developer - https://linktr.ee/fraguada
GenCloth - https://gencloth.com

-- References --

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-- Technology --
This project uses three.js and other open source projects. See License for information.

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