Love IS Equal


Love IS Equal

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Published on June 16, 2022 at 00:00

Love. A natural force that transcends time and space. Love spans all cultures, all languages, all peoples. Love IS Equal.

To love is to connect, to share, to grow and know another; To love can be an act of defiance, of revolution and change. We who can must yell our love loudly and proudly on behalf of those who can’t. With our voices, we can carry them with us.

To love can be a daily battle, proving to others that our love is valid. To love is to live, and living well, with our heads held high, can be both the best revenge and the perfect ambition.

We know our love is equal because we have to know it. We know we are valid because we validate each other. Love unites us where we would be divided.

The cost of equality is high, but the rewards are equally lofty. This piece is a small part of the larger struggle, meant to show the simplicity and beauty of our message:

Love IS Equal

This piece of art is meant to be as randomly diverse as our community is. Both the background and the heart’s face can be patterned with one of our many pride and identity flags in different forms, and the code itself includes programmatic proof of love’s equality. All proceeds and royalties from this project are directed to The Giving Block LGBTQIA+ Impact Index Fund at tz2Cs8vyV4k96APn6tPJFdJYyzpWP7WSKX4v.

Created with LOVE by skllzrmy.tez

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