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A parallax alien landscape generator featuring mountains, stars, meteors, and suns.

Click the canvas to save it as a 1920x1080 image.

The code is based on the background generator from my game Space Huggers. I have also released a simplified version as a dweet.

for(c.width|=s=g=j=0;++j<8;)for(w=i=4e3,q=j-2,x.fillStyle=R(v=q?99-j*15:w,v,v),d=j*99+t*20*q**2|0;i--;x.fillRect(i*j,q?j>1?250+g*2+j*j*16:0:r*15,j,q?w:2))g+=s=(r=++d**1.3*1e9%40)<4?r-2:s-g/2e3 // https://www.dwitter.net/d/23889

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