Paper Planes


Paper Planes

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Published on May 22, 2022 at 08:24

The joys of childhood are too easily forgotten. Paper Planes is a generative art collection celebrating the joy and magic of origami: from the simplest materials spring delightful forms brimming with ingenuity.

In homage to the handicraft of paper folding, we developed a collection of four pens each with a unique hand-drawn feel: Ink, Pencil, Gel and Dip. They ensure each of our ten origami birds are sketched with subtle imperfections.

Many of the birds are folded from patterned paper based on three traditional Japanese patterns: Seigaiha, Kōjitsunagi and Shippō. Other birds are crafted from block coloured paper which provides pop and contrast whilst sometimes birds match their background, accentuating the hand-drawn strokes that sketched them.

A range of layouts bring each mint to life. Birds can flock and fly across the page. They can be confined to a regimented grid or they can escape and embrace the chaos of the currents. Contrasting frames and borders highlight different colours within each of the 15 handcrafted palettes.

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Original artwork by Phaust. Spring 2022. London / Brighton. Made with p5js.

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Artist disabled the exploration of variations after minting phase