places we should go together


places we should go together

444/444 minted

Project #12323
Published on May 2, 2022 at 21:49

wanderlust is a motherfucker.

------ a note about this drop (and the last)

entanglement was supposed to be a free mint for anyone who held any of my other pieces but something went wrong during the drop and no one could mint (except one magic person.)

it was a wild day and i was at a loss so i removed the reserve list. so, i'm trying again. this collection of 444 will have 333 reserved for previous collectors, and 111 for whoever gets there first.

still, nothing is guaranteed. there are far more people who hold a piece from a previous collection so it will still be first come, first served. otherwise, the edition count would have to be like, 1500 or some shit. that's just too big. so, thank you to all of you who have collected before, i hope you get a free one. for those who miss it, i still thank you. to those who don't, i hope you get a free one and love it.

if shit falls apart again, and i have to remove the reserve list again, i apologize in advance.

in short, who knows what will happen. but let's hope for the best.

safe travels xoxo

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c - change palette
v - change visibility
p - change pixel level

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