Organicon, variation 00 - special edition


Organicon, variation 00 - special edition

598/640 minted
42 reserved

Project #11598
Published on April 20, 2022 at 22:03

Thank you!

Generative art by Frederik Vanhoutte, @wblut
640 special edition generators creating an endless sequence of iterations with fixed features

Organicon, variation 00 is a slow piece, meant to build on the screen. A small counter in the lower-right corner displays the progress.

Interface: on first load the piece operates in active mode. In this mode an iteration is cleared 30s after completion and replaced by the next iteration. This mode is indicated by a flashing dot in the upper-right corner.

A first mouse click disables active mode. The current iteration will complete and remain on screen. A second mouse click clears the screen, loads the next iteration, and reenables active mode.

Generative art
Metadataview on IPFS (42)
Organicon, variation 00 - special edition preview