How much of one is in the other


How much of one is in the other

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Project #10969

Published on April 16, 2022 at 12:07

"How much of one is in the other" explores the unique invocations of the RGB colour space. Colour value as defined in applications is a combination of Red, Green and Blue values between the ranges of 0-255. This work generates a unique colour from the hashcode and thus values for each of Red, Green and Blue channels. Each unique minted edition of this work visually explores its RGB colour space by keeping one value constant while the other is circled between 0 to 255 values. The resulting work is a unique rendering of each color value varying between their maximum ranges, by always keeping one value constant. The final image is constructed in a way that it also reads as an aesthetic graph of the minted RGB values.

"How much of one is in the other" is also a conceptual artwork, in a way that the title also encodes the algorithm itself. The idea driving the work emerges from our individualities that creates differentiated notions of self resulting a fragmented world, but yet we are also social beings with our emotions, desires, likes and dislike and such qualities that bind us as human beings. This work attempts to bring to surface these commonalities of our unique selves.