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Project #10943
Published on March 19, 2022 at 12:07

Soragna is an abstract generative series reproducing the effect of paint strokes.
The fundamental element of this system is an object composed of two lines which oscillate perpendicular to the direction of movement. A little like a bird flapping its wings, each element moves on the canvas, leaving behind it the imprint of its passage.

Variability of editions is ensured by:
- 18 color palettes (including 4 rare)
- possibility to combine 2 different palettes
- Constrained directions of the field
- Field symmetries
- Speed, size and size variability of "birds"

To save as a png file, press the following keys:
- [1] for a 2400x4000 pixel image
- [2] for a 4800x8000 pixel image
- [3] for a 7200x12000 pixel image

The image must be recalculated before the chosen dimension can be downloaded. The wait is worth it.

Note regarding the symbolism of the series:

I thought it was interesting to publish this series to celebrate the end of the fxhash beta. The artists on fxhash are like these birds leaving behind them the trace of their passage on the site. Their paths are sometimes parallel, they can cross and even sometimes come together to produce unique collaborations.

Thank you to all the artists and collectors for making the last few months an incredible journey! The best is still to come ...

Artist: Estienne
March 2022
License: NFT 2.0

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Artist disabled the exploration of variations after minting phase