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This work is a representation of the interaction and flow of various scaled elements through explorations in generative algorithms using animation and audio.

"Yuragi" in Japanese means "fluctuation". By fluctuation we mean not only the variance from the mean of physical quantities, but also the spatiotemporal dynamics resulting from the interactions between elements at various levels of hierarchy, such as molecules, cells, organizations and societies.

The world around us is composed of a vast array of elements, from atoms and molecules to water, organic matter, minerals, viruses, cells, microbes, insects, plants, and animals. These elements form reaction fields, colonies, flocks, oceans, rivers, forests, mountains, clouds, earth, and stars and galaxies scattered throughout the universe. They exist in countless numbers at each scale, and their interactions cannot be ignored. Chemical, physical, and biological interactions occur, resulting in complex phenomena. These phenomena are stirred, collided, reacted, collapsed, extinguished, and multiplied by flows.

Similarly, in the social and mental constructs humans create, such as cities, organizations, societal and economic networks, information on the internet, cultural values, languages, thoughts, and emotions, there exists a similar interplay, leading to complex dynamics.

Fluctuations exist on all scales.

Even seemingly stable phenomena are constantly fluctuating and in flux when viewed on different scales of time or space, and there is no such thing as an unchanging situation. Each element is as small as a grain of sand when viewed as a whole, and no single element alone affects the whole, but is swallowed up by the larger current and fleetingly disappears with a momentary emission of color.

I feel that the lifespan of an individual is also like this.

Subtle alterations and flows are interwoven into everything around us, possessing an unpredictably influential nature. However, this fluctuation can be an opportunity to find beauty and meaning in the uncertainty and chaos of our reality.


After pressing the "open" button on the fxhash project page to open the window, press the "F" key to view it in full screen mode. Projecting on a large screen with a projector is also suitable. Click on the screen to start audio.

Modern hardware and browser hardware acceleration is recommended. The Chrome browser on a desktop with a high-end GPU is optimal.



Click on the screen to start audio
Click on the upper left corner of the screen to control audio
↓↑ key to change volume

F key to full screen mode
S key to save image


Created with p5.js

License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Kazuhiro Tanimoto


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