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The concept of EX-LIBRIS came to life just days before my long pilgrimage to the Art Blocks Marfa Weekend back in September. Out of this initial batch, only 32 bookmarks were created. What began as an intention to craft charming mementos for a select circle of online friends swiftly evolved into a revelation of the creative potential inherent in this unique format.

These meticulously designed bookmarks, infused with a thirst learning and self actualization, served as more than just a placeholders within pages. They encapsulated a narrative of artistic exploration, self-discovery, and interpersonal connections. It was at this moment that the decision to immortalize this project on the blockchain took hold.

EX-LIBRIS captures the essence of a singular moment in time—a moment where I found my tribe as an artist. With an ethos rooted in uniqueness and individuality, each holder will have the opportunity to redeem their bookmark (or set) after minting, providing a tangible and signed testament to this distinct artistic endeavor. All bookmarks will be signed and printed on Epson Cotton High-Quality Rigid Paper.

Thanks to Heeey, Neel, Haiver, Jos, MV, godmin, Martijn, Amy, Johan, David, Emily E, Emily W, Molly, Mike, Eddie, Ryan, Aaron, K.C, Duane, Jimena, Jeff, Anna, Jeres, Pedro, Paolo, Phil, Sour, Stephen, ixnay, Takawo, Joshua and all the others I forgot. You probably have one of the original EX-LIBRIS and your comments and reaction helped me build on it and create this collection. Never stop being inspiring. You guys rock!


To activate the dashboard in the live view, simply press the ‘i’ icon located in the top right corner. This will grant you access to controls for a couple of quality-of-life settings post mint. Each option can be modified using the keyboard or by clicking/tapping the corresponding button on the dashboard.

[CMD+S] => Download: The download button will save the image output on your device.

There are two types of modifiable settings available.


The first set is the "print" settings. This allows modification for printing elements such as margins, resolution, and format ratio. Upon clicking the download button, the output will reflect these changes. Below is the list of print settings along with their keyboard activation key.

[R] => Format Ratio: [square, A4, 1:2, bookmark, skateboard]
// Default is bookmark

[M] => Margin: Switch margin configuration [0, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300]
// Default is 150

[P] => Population Settings: [400k, 800k, 200k]
// Default is 400k

[F] => Exposure: Total number of frames until completion: [10, 20, 30]
// Default is 10

[D] => Print DPI: Switch resolution multiplier: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
// Default is 1


Then, there are the "preview settings" that allow visualization of other elements such as border radius, piece orientation, and a pleasing presentation view with a touch of drop shadow. These settings, however, will not alter the output when the download button is clicked.

[B] => Border Radius: Switch border radius (visual only)
// Default is 0

[T] => Horizontal: Toggle horizontal mode: [off, on]
// Default is off

[V] => Presentation: Toggle presentation mode: [off, on]
// Default is off

Thanks for reading and hope you like it :)

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