serendipity vs consequence

serendipity vs consequence is the result of deterministic algorithms which manifest differently depending on the device it is viewed upon. The basis for this project is a phenomenon called z-fighting, a common issue in 3d graphics when two or more objects overlap in 3d space thus causing an issue for the system to determine which is closer or farther from the viewpoint. Due to how the graphics drivers on different devices handle z-fighting, the same code executed on different devices will result in different results. Generally, the work in the current generative art movement is based on deterministic algorithms. This means that given a set of input parameters, the result should be exactly the same. The code in this project is deterministic, it includes no conditions to adapt one way or the other to any particular hardware device. So while this work adheres to the rules of long-form generative art with its deterministic algorithms, it is highly influenced by stochastic algorithms, where the result cannot be predicted. In a way, this project is a critique of deterministic algorithms and the fetishising of a bounded solution space of carefully crafted quantized experiences, so pervasive in the current generative art zeitgeist.

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