rtrdgtzr - Minter's Guide

This article will provide a guide for minters of rtrdgtzr, a long-form collaborative collection on fxhash. What you see when you open the minting window is a blank canvas, an editor, which takes an input image provided by the minter and applies generative post-processing to it. The output is an animated composition which can be exported into a gif, the original animated file format made for the Internet. The input image itself is compressed and stored on-chain through params mechanic as a signal in string format, retrieved every time the artwork is regenerated. rtrdgtzr draws heavily from the tradition of pixel and glitch art, graphics from the '80s and '90s, and techno-dystopian aesthetics of William Gibson's novels. If you want to mint an artwork into the collection, we strongly advise you to read the first part of this guide. Deeper technical details of the collection are provided in the second part of the article.

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