Jimi Wen

Life has no scores

What I was taught was disrupted, and grid studies left unfinished, and oh do we have a BINGO? This is my 12th and final drop (*&^*) on fxhash. To celebrate my journey on fxhash, this is a work that builds on the first ever class I have written: class Calligraphy(){}. As I grow as an artist and a coder, my work has evolved. Some stuff stay the same, but there are still some much to learn. The whole community has been godsend, but there is one particular artist, I would like to make a tribute of this work to: Rudxane. Code can be copied, explicitly or implicitly. But this my own take across various of Rudxane's work and hope our taste is agreeable somewhat and that it is still me.

Keystone Calligraphy

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