IN You I

I am looking for the absence of distractions. Art helps achieve this state. Art needs to resonate with something, otherwise its nothing. Curating art can help bridge from nothing to something to resonance. Often this is achieved with context and putting items into resonance with each other so its individual meaning is amplified until its seen. Many artists aim to achieve some kind of purity of thought and expression. Famous german actor Lars Eidinger coined the term "zero state", the absence of any nuisance or distraction in which he performs best. It creates space for creativity. This selection of early works of generative art was created in a zero state. On the most obscene layer it draws from similarities, context, and composition. The Mandaloid being the center piece pointing towards everything else. On a deeper level it reflects my inability to value dynamism vs. stills. We see epic stills, can viewers anticipate the dynamism and digitality behind these works? What happens when you turn them on? You have one shot. This is a one shot take. There is no turning back. Forget everything. Find your zero state. AND NOW LOOK. AND FEEL THE POWER, how each piece radiates sheer force into a freakin' death star canon shooting rainbows at the audience. Enjoy.