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Generative Art and Blockchain Technology: A Semester-Long Course at National Chengchi University 2022

Generative Art has been gaining popularity alongside the rise of blockchain technology, and academic institutions are showing a growing interest in offering courses on the subject. This article documents the experience of teaching a semester-long course on Generative Art at National Chengchi University. The course covered various aspects of Generative Art, including blockchain-related knowledge, marketing strategies, aesthetic evolution, and coding. Students learned to create Generative Art pieces using p5js, starting from simple algorithms to more advanced topics. To encourage student discussion and reward good behavior, the course introduced a course token, MXC (MixMix Coin). The article provides detailed information about the course structure, student feedback, and showcases of the final projects, which were published on fxhash. Overall, this article is a valuable resource for anyone interested in teaching or learning about Generative Art and blockchain technology.

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