Michael (littlemikey.tez)

EVJ: An Expression of Love

"EVJ" is an expression of love. With "EVJ" I endeavor to capture the ethereal essence of three souls who've touched my heart profoundly. The good, the bad, the awe-inspiring, and everything in between. "EVJ" stands as my digital chronicle and photo album. In a world where time marches on inexorably, "EVJ" is my rebellion, my stand against the fleeting. While I cannot stop time, with every line of code, I etch enduring memories of each forever into my heart, the canvas, and this digital realm. A three-part, long-form, generative algorithm, each "EVJ" script is an embodiment of the subject and each algorithmic output is a vivid translation of each persona. The essence of each subject is meticulously captured in every brushstroke, graphical element, color, and composition.

Sample output from EVJ.E.5.4.1