More Wood for the Fire

A Daily Journey of Discovery

A Big Hello to all you Artists and Collectors, Flippers and Bots...Maybe not so much the Bots.. Having found FXHash a few Months ago I've been like a Kid at a Sweetshop Window, Nose pressed firmly against the Glass, Dribbling ..Drooling...One or the other..anyways I got Messy.. FX is what I'd been Looking for, I'd come across some Gen Art on Opensea..Generally way out of my Price Range and was getting very Tired and Frustrated with the Constant Grind and losses, Hacks and Scammers (Not to Mention the Gas...Yikes) I Decided to Look for Greener Pastures, Fresher Air, with Delicate Floral Tones Wafting on the Breeze...Hey Hold Up...Wandering ...The Perfume Ad was Last Week!!..You know what I'm Saying Though...So with a Bit of Googlin and a Spring in my Step I Headed Uptown, to the Tezos Blockchain...Immediately Upon my Arrival, I Discovered a Willy Wonka World of Sweet Treats, Delicious Morsels Upon Which to Feast my Eyes and Soul... I dived in to the Pool, Like Augustus Gloop, Devouring Everything I could Force into My Greedy Belly....It was only Later, After Gorging Myself, that I Remembered what My Dear Grandmother had Taught Me...A Little of what You Like does you Good...So True. Thank You FXHash Team Artists and Collectors.