"Good For Nothing" Crypto Coins - A More In-Depth Look 👀

You may have seen the "good for nothing crypto tokens" (2023) post put out by Forbes lately, which I won't post directly due to copyright issues, but if you saw it, I'm sure you'll know what I'm talking about. I know the grifting culture in Bitcoin/Ethereum had gotten pretty bad lately, but I've never seen it so aggressive before since this was put out by a major publication which reads like a "hit piece" since the information behind it is very spotty and often outright incorrect. In actuality, this is actually has a few nice collection of crypto projects that show genuine promise, mixed in with a few that are legitimately questionable.

I asked GPT to do an "interpretation" of the original poster and this is what it came up with. Uh...close enough, I guess.

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