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<iframes> #208

created byciphrd

owned by hasan tigrov

The <iframe> HTML element is an element that allows a web document to embed the contents of another web document within itself. iframes are at the core of fxhash. They are portals opening our view to rich content.

This work is a portal to itself. It loads itself within itself 20 times. It's not pretty, it reminds us of WordArt, it's a little bit hacky, it might break when our tools to display HTML will change. But it's a proof that the limits of our tools are only limits until creativity breaks them.

This work is not purely deterministic, because it simply cannot be. Slight timing differences due to loading times being different each time an <iframe> is loaded will make each visualization slightly unique.

If you view this token on mobile, the nesting limit was reduced to 4 to prevent performance issues.

This work is highly experimental. It leverages a "hack" to allow iframes to be nested.
Firefox max <iframe> nesting depth as of 28/12/2021 is capped at 9.
Works with chrome desktop 96.0.4664.110

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Minted the: 28/12/2021 at 22:50Royalties: 15.0%Metadata assigned: yesTransaction hash: opKhpVK25LK7iHY9JEDwmZuL67wqoL9fvXpJBFfy4K4DedtdGJXIteration number: 208Rarity: 56.1% (lower is rarer)Metadata: ipfs://QmWoaDGxAGgpSadA9iatpYNcigcJ1QBpavLVE1BHKYvdPk


Main transformrotate
Number of transforms1
Gradient repeatround
Hover madnessfalse
Hidden chaosfalse

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