Project #7956 — iteration #36

Minted on January 26, 2022 at 07:33

Partying in outer space!

This work is best experienced as a huge printed poster while listening to Sun Ra.

Press 's' to save a frame.
Press 'm' to generate a medium sized (3000x4200) PNG
Press 'l' to generate a large (4500x6300) PNG
Press 'x' to generate an extra large (6000x8400) PNG

Please note: Generating the larger PNGs does not work with all browsers. Successfully tested with Microsoft Edge on macOS, though.

Royalties15.0%(1)Operation hashonotkwdqnofbukubGsZjdKJ3Ks4sbSpxHmdk2kUcgJf6uBhh4vConotkw...Bhh4vC
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