Project #23549 — iteration #7

Minted on January 12, 2023 at 18:50

Eucalyptus and Sagebrush is inspired by the eucalyptus trees and sagebrush found in California. These plants, and the hills they inhabit, have long been a source of beauty and adventure in my life, and I find myself repeatedly drawn back to them. The sunsets in coastal California are a perfect compliment to these hills, and I set out to represent that combination in this work.

Each iteration of this algorithm feels, to me, like a glimpse out of a car window on a drive up the coast, a pause on a cool morning hike, or a memory of tearing through sharp underbrush with good company.

Stylistically and texturally, I drew from landscapes rendered in oil pastels, placing thousands of tiny circles, alluding to the effect of depositing particles of color onto paper.

I hope that this work evokes in the viewer the feelings of peace, wildness, and adventure that I feel when I watch the sun set over these hills.

Nat Sarkissian

- Append “&mag=N” to the end of the URL in live mode to specify a resolution multiplier. It will render the image N times larger than the size of your window. If you have specified anything greater than 1, a download will start automatically once the rendering is done. The maximum resolution seems to be limited by what your web browser allows. I have been able to output up to 11140px tall and wide using Firefox, which should be enough detail for prints up to 37x37 inches. I recommend keeping the console open while attempting larger renders. It will show you if you have attempted too large a render for your system. N can be any positive whole or decimal number greater than or equal to 1.

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Nat Sarkissian
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