Project #13944 — iteration #5

Minted on May 31, 2022 at 12:27

Each monogrid artwork gets initialized with a start up algorithm that builds up a set of rectangles and fills them with pixels. There are two different styles, 'Pixel' and 'Line', to create the initial image.

There is a set of 16 animations at work. 4 noise based animations, 4 shifting animations, 4 modulo based animation and 4 reset animations, all run in parallel. Each animation selects a rectangle from the initial setup and edits the pixels in this area. The selection process runs independently and animations can overlap which results in a new style of animation.

monogrid 1.1 is based on the original series at https://monogrid.xyz, but there are no black/white versions included. The color palette is a mixture of one of 12 colors plus black or white.
The fragment shader has been updated in the way the 16 different animations get summed up. This version would appear more chaotic and organic.

monogrid 1.1 - Collectors Edition
Kim Asendorf, 2022

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Kim Asendorf
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