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Minted on April 19, 2022 at 14:00

In 1993, Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida proposed a project to create an immense void inside Tindaya, the Sacred Mountain of Fuerteventura's indigenous inhabitants. The hollow cube measuring approximately 45 x 50 x 65 meters was conceived as a space for "all the people" to "fully experience the tininess of humankind".

The idea of the project dates back to the 1980s, and it took the artist years of searching for the ideal mountain in different parts of the world. However, what was ideal for Chillida evoked a lot of controversy due to the environmental and social impact of the project. There was uncertainty about Tindaya's structural feasibility and the potential harm to the ancient petroglyphs engraved on its surface. What's more, the financial sustainability of the project's economic model would depend on hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting the site each year, converting a work of art into a holiday attraction.

Chillida called his project the Monument to Tolerance. Although it never came into existence, it has caused division and conflict since it was conceived.

"hollow" is an exploration of 256 voids in nonexistent natural monuments. Made of digital matter instead of stone and lacking cultural charge, its sole purpose is to contemplate the tininess of humankind.


Click on the image to open the menu. You may choose the quality from preview to the resolution of a print of approximately 30cm in height. In live mode, click on PNG to save the rendered image.

Depending on the device and CPU usage, it takes from a few seconds (on fast computers) to a minute (sometimes more) on mid-tier phones to render the image.

Requirements: 1GB of RAM. The system needs up to 200 MB of free RAM for rendering square preview images and up to 400 MB of free RAM for rendering square images at the highest resolution. I tested on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge / Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iPhone, but please make sure it works on your device before minting.


Possible features:

color scheme: cairngorm, alborz, bardenas, atlas, bieszczady, watkins

proportions: square, wide, standard, narrow

frame: none, vignette, bright, dark, bright with vignette, dark with vignette

visitors: tourists, tourists and birds, solitary flock of birds, only light

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