Project #10000 — iteration #5

Minted on February 26, 2022 at 08:58

This project was supposed to be released in celebration of fxhash reaching 10,000 projects since its inception, but it's hard to celebrate when war breaks out and innocent people fear for their lives. Please go ahead and mint as many iterations as you like for free. If you feel the art is worth more than 0 tez, you are welcome to donate to the Tezos fund to support our Ukrainian friends (KT1DWnLiUkNtAQDErXxudFEH63JC6mqg3HEx).

Each mint combines 5 of my previous 14 fxhash projects into a drug-induced distorted vision of life in the Metaverse. This artwork is fully generative and was entirely hand-coded in 5333 lines of plain JavaScript code. Forever limited to 500 editions on the Tezos blockchain. London, February 2022.

Minted Price0Creator
Lower is rarer
Operation hashooDGj3eA243tKJRUDrfjdKGWxQCL8cc1j13ZiceCdMjJk5ia4vzooDGj3...5ia4vz
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