Reisiger #291

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owned bygreweb

Reisiger #291

Project #15352 — iteration #291

Minted on June 24, 2022 at 19:58

We journey through the world, collecting ideas, friendships, loves and experiences. This journey is life and, if you're fortunate, the majority of your journey is good and you eventually meet your Gods knowing that you've lived well.

Reisiger means Traveler in Afrikaans, and this work is meant to portray the hope, joy and diversity of our travail through life.

This piece assembles a simple mesh along a bezier spline of an orbital path around a series of bodies. It uses Newtonian gravity - adequately mangled to make it more interesting - and applies a number of transformations in flight. Hatching and occlusion algorithms are custom, but are developed based on work by Reinder Nijhoff.

This is a plotter artwork and is intended to be enjoyed both on screen and in print. When printing, choose your pens appropriately - gel pens for dark paper etc, all colours are meant as a suggestion and all versions should look just fine in monochrome if you so choose. If you want an upscaled raster artwork (for regular printing) just add a dpr param to the URL like &dpr=10.

Left-click to download a PNG.
Double-click to download an SVG file ready for plotting.

Licensing: BY-NC-ND see license.md for details.

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