Decadence #9

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Decadence #9

Project #14276 — iteration #9

Minted on June 6, 2022 at 04:29

Decadence should not be misunderstood. Over time, the word has had various meanings (political and cultural) but has also been associated with Symbolism and Aestheticism.

The contemporary definition of decadence emerged in the late 19th century and praised artifice over nature, sophistication over simplicity, at the same time defying contemporary discourse of decline by embracing subjects and styles that critics considered over-refined.

Nowadays, decadence also refers to stagnation and intellectual exhaustion at a high level of material prosperity and technological development which leads to an excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury.

In this context, Decadence is a reflection on the collaboration between Jerome Herr and David Mrugala (thedotisblack). A collaboration that started several months ago with a simple grid of random values, that soon became an experiment of creativity, always in the search of expectations, interest in excessive indulgence of visual pleasure, a fascination with the bizarre, all packaged in a series of generative images with an aesthetics that values excess – That is Decadence.

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Jerome Herr

Jerome Herr is from Luxembourg. Since 2015 he has created generative art with a passion for design and visual explorations. He is an active member of the creative coding community and a successful NFT artist, both on Teia and Fxhash.

David Mrugala

David is a German architect and intermedia artist, who lives in South Korea. He is the founder of thedotisblack, a platform and an archive for research design on (generative) drawings and animations made with code.

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