Project #12068 — iteration #27

Minted on May 22, 2022 at 04:16

Generative art made with p5js, by @mehno_art.

Initially, the project goal was to play with rectangular shapes and different textures made out horizontal, vertical and oblique lines, simulating concrete or steel concrete. During the process I found by accident the amazing mandalas that come out rotating the structures.

Play with rotation angles by clicking on the piece.
[s] to save a PNG image.
[o] to reveal the original steel concrete piece hidden in the mandala.

Royalties15.0%(1)Operation hashooJtSUEAnaGokkgQQ5cPJqN6YpFo8Wt9suM8ukFLxKLCrMykPs4ooJtSU...MykPs4
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