Project #11810 — iteration #8Minted on April 23, 2022 at 13:00
Epileptic trigger

Resilience is a collection of endless architectures.
In a resilient generative system composed of multiple compatible parts, real-time information exchange enables open reconfigurations and continuous discrete adjustments. Sometimes vague and fuzzy, sometimes real and tangible, they reveal different readings of architectural complexity and scale: from city plans to floor plans and details to sections and elevations.

Resilience comes in a variety of polychrome palettes, ascii glyphs, and styles.
To enjoy it in full-screen mode, press the left mouse button in live mode, for a monochrome look press 'b'. Made with P5js.

Resilience Generative Token by @grasser_alex 2022

Royalties15.0%(2)Operation hashooPvrXEdkuMMuw58Cz4D4rMvkhDCEdJVvovnsed9fz6APdDHyKh Metadataview on IPFS