Project #19804 — iteration #78

Minted on September 29, 2022 at 00:25


100% code. Typography hand-made by @nathansonic


Press s to save.
Click the screen to pause the animation.


This piece explores the interplay of our concepts of communication and the web.

The transaction hash creates the randomization but it’s also the protagonist in this story. It dons the stone and halo as the key for how the blockchain speaks to you.

The transaction hash is brought purposefully into the piece in order to recognize its significance almost as a deity in the generative process. It’s the one thin string binding our real-life experience with blockchain.


If you want a larger scene with more detail (larger resolution), zoom out using the browser zoom. Be careful as the more you zoom out the more ground elements will be created to fill the scene.


Pricing - Dutch auction
The pricing is a Dutch auction set at 4 - 3 - 3. 433 is the number of randomized variables in the piece.

Mint amount
The mint amount is 170. 170 is the number of unique elements multiplied by 10.


The binding string started with a focus on maximizing the possible variations.

This has led to the project having 433 randomizable variables that tweak the scene to create insane variation. A lot of this variation is very subtle, but it’s there.

Random variables: 433 = 281 (rand int) + 62 (rand float) + 90 (Perlin noise).


The binding string has multiple layered scene elements. Some of these elements interact. Plants are forced back by the halo, elements closer to the central glowing rock reflect more light etc. There are 17 elements in total.

Here are some of the elements that characterize the narrative and aesthetic:
Stone circle
Plants (trees, bushes)
Animated halo
Glyph text
A smart, fully randomized custom palette creator.
Geometric shapes
Atmosphere scenarios ( day, evening, night, foggy)
Crystal Geodes
Skewed hills
Ground elements (mud, grass)
Math based lighting
Galaxy lines
Shadow dust


Extra special thanks to @nathansonic for his support, feedback, and code editions.


3rd party code used:
Various bits by @nathansonic, including a custom palette creator.
Noisejs - github.com/josephg/noisejs - Perlin noise generator
Twgl - github.com/greggman/twgl.js - A small webGL helper.


Royalties15.0%(2)Operation hashopLNW5zpWxaCnp44dAcbAzuR1gP6xe5pdFhLryHqF7sV5k461nLopLNW5...k461nL
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