Project #11764 — iteration #47

Minted on August 27, 2022 at 00:15

Folding and cutting papers was one of my favorite papercraft activities in my childhood. Even when I grew up, I continued to use papercutting as a fun activity with my nieces to cut even more interesting shapes and push the limits of our imaginations.

In Papercut Factory, I tried to translate those memories into code, and as a result, into generative art, by creating an almost infinite number of variations.

The use of different shapes, color and quality of paper, varying grids, cut zones, random cut shapes, sizes and positions, background style and color resulted in millions or even billions of possible unique outcomes.

I hope that you will find something beautiful from your childhood in Papercut Factory 🤗

* * *

Anyone who mints 4 or more pieces of Papercut Factory will receive 1 piece from my next drop as a gift.

Minters will receive 25% of royalties from secondary sales of their minted pieces.

* * *

Press S to save as PNG.

Made by: yenren / twitter.com/yenrenART
Made with: JavaScript + HTML Canvas
License: LICENSE.txt

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