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the beauty of flowers


you are in me,
you are in every single part of me,
you are the very blood
that courses through my veins.

i breathe you like air,
i drink you like water,
i bend, i yield to your light
that sets everything inside of me on fire.

neither mortal death,
nor broken memory,
neither the follies of man,
nor cascading time

will ever be enough to separate
what already is,
what always has been,
for we are
and have been written.

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Minted the: 11/01/2022 at 06:11Price: 1 tezRoyalties: 10.0%Original supply: 30Supply burnt: 0Tags: flowersMetadata: ipfs://QmPQ6bqqnrdm8UmdFnEQPL8M7TzWjiqEB4YeAKmWXaG2Go

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