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How to use fx(params)

Example seed



Minting instructions

There are only two parameters to control here: a voice note and picking your scarf's design.

Recording your voice note is done at the top of the token; these buttons will disappear after minting. The maximum length of your recording is 15 seconds, but you can stop recording beforehand. Once recorded, a scarf design will be generated. Some aspects of the design are relinquished to the gods of randomness. Therefore, you can pick from 5 different designs using the 'scarf design' parameter.

You can't change the last four parameters; this is where the data of your voice note goes. If you randomize your parameters, random noise is the input. It is not recommended. Your wallet address is the seed for the random number generator; the design you see on the screen is what you get.

Press ‘b’ to see the back of your scarf.

Have fun!