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Lens of the Lost - Puzzle


LENS of the LOST

A very elegant and dynamic interactive puzzle.

The name comes from the Meta Mystery at http://danzen.com/meta
See also Dr Abstract's MetaMystery NFT on FXHash.

Made with ZIM at https://zimjs.com - Code Creativity!
Make interactive NFTs with ZIM https://zimjs.com/nft
Dr Abstract is a member of the GadgetMinters https://zimjs.com/gadgetminters
Come say hello on Discord https://zimjs.com/discord

Thank you for collecting, we hope you enjoy these as much as we do.

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Minted the: 15/01/2022 at 05:00Price: 1 tezRoyalties: 20.0%Original supply: 200Supply burnt: 0Tags: puzzle, noise, interactive, zimjs, zim, danzen, drabstract, metamystery, mystery, lens, lost, collectibleMetadata: ipfs://QmQUEHKmvksvFSCTQfrU19NDxqrKZotiLNAKDYbJjoo9v2

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