Elout de Kok

citbit feb2019

Elout de Kok

citbit feb2019

64/64 minted

Project #29469

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Prerendered components
Custom UI

..some times before
this nft-circus hit the town

And forgot all about this sketch and work, for a while

When you mouse click
you get an extra bonus full screen version
I released this work, and several versions,
early februari 2019, posting images on some boards
2nd version, also will adjust to your screensize

Also passing the fx key.. that unique minty fresh adres that got minted;
to that fullscreen og version as well

Math.random() to $fx.rand and fxhash-preview stuff

After a while, the work will change and draw a new scene / space

surfing the deterministic balance in the space and fxhash-rules
I could make 2+ versions this time, don't you love technology? =_______=

also added as a lil bonus this time

a lil image scaling tool
you could use; running fxhash sketches in your own browser
and showing them in real large image sizes
my computer can handle like these 8000*8000 at the moment.

(if the thing is stil working, or emulated lol.)

I let your browser and system handle that,
use at your own risk and brains
creating bigger images, like could slow the system down

- a 800x800 fxhash thumbnail version at the start
and when you click it..
you get the original version, that will adjust to any screensize

Although deterministic
the camera and perspective will change depending the screensize-ratio.
although it will render always the same for the same screensize

The thumbnail and saved copy-image of the canvas
is-can be partly transparent as well..
the background color of the page also is used at the start
when early thumbnail or saved image

I tried kept the work intact, like the way I wrote and released it back then

still love to see some of the nice images generated
and things that can happen
when I check it again

rightclick - copy/save image like the old-days, or screenshot-printscreen

From 1999+ I created several browser/netart-projects
that would also adjust to any screensize

thinking.. can it run any screensize?! 0__.
you still can check some out
some with fullscreen interactive animation and fun experiments
got some older archives online like my xs4all.nl/~elout website.. archive
You can use the `CheerpJ Applet Runner extension`
to run-emulate these old java-applets in your browser (fullscreen)

Around 2015, when chrome all of a sudden decided
to block/not run my webgl-three.js works, my tools and experiments for a while.
I started working on a software based-3D engine again
written in vanilla javascript this time

Back in the late 1990's
I would like hang around on like #java irc
it's was bit like current days of discord. /irc/telegram?
also having a lot of fun together
check bash.org for some of those og. internet classics
And making your own 3D engine was like the coolest thing to do =____=
and like John Carmack and his crew
was this amazing big inspiration
to a lot of coders, gamers and people in the 90s

I'm still using some of my old code and routines,
like filters and matrix functions from the early 90s
I started to work on, and use as a student, we had to do for classes
2D / 3D routines that changed a bit over the years
some you can check at: elout.home.xs4all.nl/index2001.html

At one moment
I really wanted to do perspective correct texture mapping as well
but that resulted in.. rewriting and reworking this 3D engine of mine,
from scratch again

Never released this project, but for some preservation.. and the data gods -___-
I decided to mint it on fxhash
and kept the original code of this project, quite intact and messy.

extra extra read all about it
added also a small 'iframe' tool
`change-remove` the url part
when it starts with ?fxhash



to make it run

show sketches, any screen size you want
heh. use it at your own risk.

nov.18 2023
__. . . -___- =_______=
xxx amsterdam chill'n out