Dr. Bill Kolomyjec

Ambiguity of Limits

Dr. Bill Kolomyjec

Ambiguity of Limits


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M.C. Escher was a major influence on my early work. Especially Circle Limits IV. I based my work called the Struggle between Good and Evil (1975) on this image.

The concept of Ambiguity of Limits is based on Zeno’s Paradox where he argued you can never reach the door to a room if you move to it half the distance at a time. In this image a singular tile (one-third the width and one-third the height of the picture frame) is placed in the center of the space. Around its perimeter I’ve written an algorithm to draw a contiguous ring of half size versions of that tile. I repeat this action eight times until the tile size is smaller than a pixel. I could let the algorithm run indefinitely and it will never reach the outer edge of the picture frame. Hence, the paradox is realized.

The central tile consists of three randomly formed and closed Bezier curves that connect with their bounding box in strategic points intended to occasionally line up with adjacent tiles at their edges. The color choice is significant in that it is the three color palette Franke used in his Quadrate image. There is lightness and joy embodied in this Generative Artwork. Each iteration gives you something unexpected and new.

I made this piece especially for Herbert W. Franke’s tribute. I met Herbert at an art and technology conference in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada in my Plotter Art heyday (July, 1977). He travelled with me back to my home in Lansing, Michigan and we spent a few days together. We talked about our visions of computer art, its role in the evolution of art, and our influences. Herbert left his impression on me. I know he would be pleased with this synthesis of art and technology.

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