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Project #12373
Published on May 3, 2022 at 18:43

NFT Cassettes' generative Token projects.

Symbols represent culture, and cultures are the result of collective wisdom over a long period of time. Because of this, people tend to preserve symbols, and some are willing to pay millions of dollars to trade cultural artifacts.
Cassette tape used as an icon to create this project because of (A cassette tape is only capable of carrying a few tracks, however this limited capacity is capable of carrying thousands of memories.)
The collection in front of you is symbolizing music cassete as a sign of the cultural memories of world music (the top 100 singers of all time, selected and published by Rolling Stone Magazine).

About NFTs Cassettes:

This token with the slogan (Undying need for nostalgia) includes 10 sets with twenty unique editions that are designed according to the mathematical algorithm and are minted completely randomly.
Continuation of the project, we have used the second (top 10 singers) on this list to make this collection:

11-Paul McCartney
12-Little Richard
13-Roy Orbison
14-Al Green
15-Robert Plant
16-Mick Jagger
17-Tina Turner
18-Freddie Mercury
19-Bob Marley
20-Smokey Robinson

Some cassettes have less chance of being minted.The NFTs that users do not have the chance to get, will be sale on a auction (in the form of the #11_collection) after the complete mint of the tenth

In the first collection, Aretha Franklin Side A has not chanced to mint. It will listing on #11_Collection
Note: Aretha Franklin listed as # 1 on the top 100 singers ever on Rolling stone magazine.

<Medusa's goal is to transform global cultural concepts and values into unique artistic NFTs with high material value/>

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