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Published on May 24, 2022 at 05:46

"Mythologic" is part of the fxhash interactive minting experience at The Ever-Evolving World of Art, Art Basel Hong-Kong, 2022.

Mythologic is a project derived from cloud series, Cloud Atlas and Requiem: Cloud on fxhash. In the series, lines and circles are used in an organics movement like Cloud Hands, which is a move of Tai Chi. Practitioners move their hands slowly and smoothly, make circles and rotate with extreme concentrating. In Chinese we said “floating clouds and flowing water” to describe calligraphers’ freely flowing style of writing. Chi is a very important for oriental artists, and for genart as well. In the series, lines and circles start from one position to another, and develop with organic rotations and movements, like practicing Tai Chi on the canvas.

Mythologic was inspired from “Classic of Mountains and Seas”, also known as Shan Hai Jing, is a Chinese classic text and a compilation of mythic geography and beasts.

“There is a beast that looks like a fox with nine tails.”
“Huangbei: it is a beetle with meat like a tadpole, but with a head and a tail”
“The beast has the body of a fish but the wings of a bird”

There are many incredible creatures in the text which describe the oriental fantasy. The idea of Mythologic is to present an illustrated handbook with random generated paintings, each one is like a framed badge, to memorize the glorious age. It uses the "cloud hands" technique in every parts of this piece, the center, the circle and the frame. They are all the same algorithm but perform variety with different density and components. Gold, Silver, Copper, Jade and Ruby colors as noble symbol of treasure in Chinese culture.

This project use p5js.

Press 'S' to save pictures.

Thanks to the support of Yi-Wen Lin in this project.

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