Painter's Flock by Ed Cavett


Painter's Flock by Ed Cavett

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This generative art token was commissioned by the NFT Museum of Newberry, SC as part of the Emerging Generative Art Program (EGAP) designed to support and promote innovative NFT artists.

We share 25% of all royalties with the original minters in an effort to encourage the promotion of EGAP artists while also exposing as many people as possible to the high quality generative art that is being created on chain.

You can learn more about the EGAP program at: https://nonfungibletokenmuseum.org/emerging-generative-artist-program.html

Token Details:

Painter's Flock V2
by Ed Cavett
March 2022
fxhash Compliant NFT

Artist Bio:

Ed Cavett is an established, interdisciplinary, multimedia materials artist from the Pacific Northwest.

A generative artist since 1984, Ed started coding art as a teenager using the BASIC programming language. Over the decades, his work continued in private until the advent of NFTs. After decades of honing his creative coding skills, in 2018, Ed started building generative systems using p5js in order to create valuable, virtual art for collectors of art-NFTs. Ed has shared this journey in a collection of demonstrative and instructional videos available on his YouTube channel, DrawMakeCode.

Ed’s love and discovery of art has been a natural, self-guided process. As an outsider-artist, his knowledge and experience with art has been highly-motivated, passionate and hands-on. His independent study of art and coding began in a small town in the Midwest; later, he studied art independently while living in Chicago, IL, and, then, hosted successful art venues in Iowa City, IA before settling in Ashland, Oregon–home of the World Renowned Shakespeare Festival.

His growth and development as an artist continues as he strives to shape an impression of his passion into the annals of art history. Today, his practical and virtual art is loved and collected by admirers from all over the world.

Additional Credits and Attributions:

- Craig Reynolds, 'Flocking Alogorithm', Processing Foundation and the p5js Library.
- Based on the code "Halloween Spiders" in p5.js by Ed Cavett, October 2021.
- Includes code from 'Weight of Winter' in p5.js by Ed Cavett, 2022
- Personal use license only.

About the NFT Museum of Newberry, SC:

Established in October of 2021, the mission of the Non-Fungible Token Museum is to provide a physical and virtual space for NFT art education, collaboration and exhibition in an effort to help communities benefit from emerging digital economies. Learn more at www.NonFungibleTokenMuseum.org

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