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One Point Five Degrees Celcius

Ada Ada Ada

One Point Five Degrees Celcius

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Published on February 26, 2022 at 09:58

One Point Five Degrees Celcius features 128 quotes from the infamous IPCC Report on the consequences of Global Warming of 1.5°C.

The science on the climate crisis is very clear and succinct. We need to act or all of our lives will be forever changed for the worse. Yet politicians, companies and other entities in power continue to mislead, lie and downplay the crisis.

To symbolize these issues, each edition features one quote, surrounded by unique chaotic shapes, colors and glitchy effects, all attempting to distract from the clear scientific conclusions.

This project scales to fit your screen, so I recommend trying it out on different devices and in different modes.

· Interactions ·

Double-click: Read the quote out loud using text-to-speech. May not be supported on all devices.

Swipe left/right or left/right arrow key: Show the previous/next quote on the list.

· Contributions and license ·

2.5% of the primary sales will go towards supporting the Trans Education Network of Texas.

This project is made with p5.js, FettePalette and the font Inter by Rasmus Andersson.

This project is licensed under a modified version of the Climate Strike License (CSL).

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