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We have different life perspectives in the world which makes us unique among whole other people. Some of us see the bright side of ideas, faces, and behaviors as some of us see more than that. Maybe, this is the thing that makes everything unsimilar and unexpected.

After this the rule of time, these little but irregular windows that represent the idea of inconstancy came to my mind. Not all people have to behave in the same way, think in the same way, and live in the same way. These wavy and straight shapes reflect this opposing thought.

Also, continuity is the main idea of savanna as a climate genre. I wanted to choose this name for the work because I think it's very harmonious with the temperature changes of that climate.

This journey has been amazing with my dear artist friends and collectors who believe in me and my work. After a lot of effort, I'm very proud of Savanna which is my first long-form eth generative art project. There is awesome other-hand info below about the project.

Warning: This project is highly GPU-intensive and it might not be working on low-end devices. Also, there might be little differences between different devices during live mode and saved images since the floating point and pixel array dilemma.

For larger outputs of the iteration, please add &size= to the end of the URL in live mode. For example: &size=2 for 3000x4000px OR &size=3 for 4500x6000px

Press 's' to save rendered the image with the current resolution.

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