What is fxhash ?

What is fxhash ?

fxhash is an open platform where artists can publish Generative Tokens which are stored on the Tezos blockchain. Generative Tokens are programs designed to produce random outputs. Once a Generative Token is enabled (when the artist decides it), anyone with a tezos wallet can mint its own unique iteration of the Generative Token. Each iteration produces a unique piece that is stored as a NFT on the tezos blockchain. The NFTs are FA2 compliant, which means that they can be exchanged like any other NFT everywhere in the tezos ecosystem.

Control left to the artists

The philosophy of fxhash is simple: provide a framework so that generative artists can have a space in which they can mint their pieces meant to be generative. No curation, open to everyone.

What happens when we mint one iteration of a Generative Token ?

A random hash is generated, and injected into the project provided by the artist. Then, the project is stored immutably on the blockchain. This design ensures that each token generated is independant, self-contained, and immutable. If fxhash were to go down, owners of fxhash tokens could still open their tokens and see it in their own browsers. Also, virtual galleries can safely display the tokens as real-time art pieces as the token is simply hosted on the IPFS network.

Join the community !

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Special thanks

Thanks to TZKT for providing a free API to query the tezos blockchain !

Thanks to the team behind SmartPy for their awesome tool to write contracts in meta-Python, as well as providing some invaluable help when facing issues while using their tools. A lot of love ❤️ towards their efforts.