• UI improvements on the Generative Token page
  • the 20px black border around tokens was removed in favor of a 10px transparent one
  • page /generative/{id}/collection was removed
  • the full collection was moved to the main page instead
  • full generative collection isn't paginated but works with infinite scrolling
  • added sorting options to the generative collection
  • added filtering by features on generative collections


  • added GPU-enabled rendering instances


  • optimized the computations of the market stats microservice
  • added endpoints to the public API to get the history of the market stats for collections
  • added charts to the marketplace page of collections


  • added relevance sort option when search is active (explore/marketplace)


  • cycles are now directly pulled from the contracts and UI reflects cycles in contracts
  • added supported for any number of cycles layered (off days are now displayed properly)
  • added cycle IDs to the schedule (easier for communication)
  • improved the guides to collect, and to publish Generative Tokens
  • added guides to the header of the home page
  • improved responsive on home page


  • heavy optimization of the marketplace statistic computations
  • API now serves precomputed marketplace stats (and does so way faster than before when it had to get computed on-the-fly)
  • statistics are now stored with a 1 hour granularity in the database, so history is available
  • added generic endpoint to get those stats, with sort options
  • added a board of the most successful collections on secondary on the Marketplace page (to be moved to a separate stats page)


  • added sort/filters to the generativeToken endpoint of the API
  • added sort/filters to the exploration of the Generative Tokens


  • added filters on the offers endpoint of the API
  • added filters and sort options to the marketplace


  • improved the minting flow
    • removed useless intermediate page with mint button only
    • mint button on Generative Token page now directly calls the contract to mint
    • added the animation for reveal using the transaction hash after the mint


  • added a new settings panel with customization settings for the UI, and a cleaner space for settings in general


  • added boolean isFxpreview to check if the code is loaded in preview mode (server taking the capture)
  • increased the max delay from 40s to 80s
  • added support for SVG elements in the sandbox
  • increased the size limit from 15MB to 30MB


This update was introduced to prevent scammers from making profits using fxhash, and to secure collectors at the contract level. The Issuer contract was swapper for a new contract and all the data from the old one was transferred to provide the best experience for the community. Old tokens will benefit from the new feature burn_supply.

  • update of the user moderation contract
    • on-chain views to give other contracts the ability to use the flags set by moderators
    • introducing the verified flag
  • update of the token moderation contract
    • on-chain views to give other contracts the ability to use the flags set by moderators
  • update of the issuer contract, new features, on-chain securities against scammers
    • more modular architecture
    • the data of the old contract was transferred into the new one so that it does not impact users at all
    • added burn_supply endpoint for artists to burn remaining supply
    • intoducing a 1 hour delay for the publication of Generative Tokens to prevent duplicates
    • no more batch minting
    • 1-hour lock for new generative tokens only published by un-verified artists (to fight against scammers)
    • tokens moderated cannot be minted anymore
    • user banned cannot publish Generative Tokens anymore
    • creators can now mint from their token even if disabled
  • on-chain cycles:
    • we will be testing the schedule implementing on-chain !
    • a new contract defines when the platform is opened based on some defined cycles
    • the mint entry-point (to mint unique iterations) and the mint_issuer entry point (to publish Generative Tokens) can follow different cycles now
  • front-end:
    • added the locked page under the explore tab. This is where tokens locked for 1-hour will show up before hitting the explore page once they are not locked
    • verification badge: users verified on the contract by the moderation team will now have a badge next to their name
    • added a setting Display editions burnt on cards to reflect the new burn_supply entry point directly on the token cards (default off)
    • improved the lock on the mint button to reflect the 1-hour lock on the contract (with a nice cooldown !)


  • gentk ownership optimization
    • gentks ownerhip is no longer transferred to fxhash marketplace at the indexer level
    • optimized queries to render gentk Cards over the whole application


  • updated the randomize button feature by giving control back to artists
    • feature was renamed to variations, as some strategies won't utilize pure randomness anymore
    • added a step after the verification during the minting pipeline to control the variations button
    • tokens minted prior to the addition of the feature will have the variations button disabled since we don't want to force any behaviour that wasn't implemented at the time of the mint
    • artists can control the button during the mint period and after generative token is fully minted
    • artists can define if the exploration of variations is infinite and random, or if the exploration can only be done for a finite number of variations they define.

25/12/2021 🎅

  • update of the core
    • changed metadata generation (v0.1 -> v0.2)
    • data is no longer duplicated for each children but the generator is used with URL parameters
    • added a version field in the metadata JSON to have back compatibility when upgrading
  • updated loss of precision on the PRNG derived from the hash
    • Piter Pasma proposed a clean solution to update the b58dec function so that no more bytes are lost
    • b58dec function was replaced in the boilerplates and will now replace the older snippets from now on
  • added fxpreview()
    • new way to trigger capture using programmatic trigger
    • abstraction of the trigger into its own capture setting
    • UI now reflects those changes by proposing the fxpreview() in a trigger step
    • updated the snippets in the boilerplates
  • added randomize button under the Generative Token to explore random iterations when viewing a token. This option will hopefully help collectors in their choices.
  • added changelog