Curated spaces

This document describes the features of the curated spaces which are yet to be implemented. Please look at the roadmap if you want more informations on when those features will see the daylight.

System overview

Curated spaces will be at the core of the platform. They will be displayed on the front page and will allow users to curate content. Since fxhash is open, the platform became the host of a wide variety of works, and so relying on the community itself to organize this content seems to be the best (if not the only suitable) way.

A Smart Contract will allow entities (let it be single users or groups of users clustered in DAOs) to curate some fxhash work and have it displayed on the website. We really want to put a major focus on these spaces to browse the content of the platform rather than relying on more chaotic approaches as it's currently the case.

Provide more tooling

We don't want those spaces to only become a way to organize content, but also provide some tools for communities to express themseves in any way they see fit. For that purpose, a set of core tools will be made available for their expression.

Curate Generative Tokens

The most straightforward way to promote content is to curate a selection of Generative Tokens. As projects are at the root of the platform, displaying some subset of the whole works seems to be a necessary way to curate content.

Curate Iterations

Some people are especially interested in particular iterations exhibiting particular features. A section of the curated spaces should be dedicated to this.

Write articles

Promoting the content itself doesn't seem really meaningful if communities cannot share their perspective on the curation. We have already seen a lot of content being published on external websites to share some unique insights on some of the works on the platform.

Moreover, articles don't have to be directly related to the curation itself as any type of content could justify a write up. We can easily imagine spaces hosting educational content only, spaces interviewing artists... etc

Connecting articles to the work itself

One way to tie the content together would be to give the ability for articles to link back to some work on the platform and vice-versa. We would like to connect Generative Tokens to write-ups in which they were featured to facilitate the discovery (we can imagine a list of articles on a Generative Token page in which the token was featured).

All these features should make curated spaces a major component of the platform for the years to come.

The decentralized way

Since all of these features will be implemented in Smart Contracts, and will be exposed by the fxhash API, we can easily imagine different entry points to the curated spaces. Blogs could be created outside of fxhash, websites could propose a selection of curated spaces (as museums would). This will provide the tools required for a rich ecosystem to emerge around fxhash.

Economic incentive

We must provide a way for content creators (not only artists) to be compensated for their work. Utilizing the FXH token in this way could solve this problem.

By giving the ability to any entity to express their appreciation of the curationnal work by sending FXH tokens to the entity managing it, we would provide a way for them to receive some remuneration. Of course, this is similar to a donation system, and we are hoping that our community will recognize well-done work and compensate their creators using our utility token.

(ciphrd: I would personnaly love to support these type of initiatives, and i think that I'm not the only one in the community to have such wishes)

What is still undefined

One major point needs to be defined, and it will be in due time: how are the curated spaces presented on the fxhash website ? We would like to propose a fair way to display the curated spaces so that visitors can see a meaningfull and representative view of the content on fxhash.

Since the FXH token will already be used to compensate content creators, we could use such metric to rank the curated spaces on the front end. Or at least, use this metric to display spaces in a meaningful way.

  • total number of tokens sent to the curated space
  • number of tokens sent to the curated space over a certain period

Introducing randomness in their display could also help in bringing any type of content to viewers.

One last point to keep in mind: to prevent entities from gaming the system, we may have to introduce a fee when sending FXH tokens to a curated space so that they don't have the ability to boost a space by repeating the operation over and over.