fxhash RPC endpoint

The fxhash RPC is not mandatory to interact with fxhash, but can help you sending request with more success to the tezos blockchain

To interact with the Tezos blockchain using Temple, a RPC endpoint needs to receive the requests. Sometimes, when there is a lot of traffic on tezos, the public RPC used by Temple can be very slow. That's why we decided to deploy our own RPC endpoint. It's actually used by the front-end to interact with the blockchain as well, so that we can be safe from public nodes being down. This is how you can configure Temple to use our RPC endpoint:

Open Temple

Temple home

Open the settings

Temple settings menu

Open the network settings

Click on network settings

Add the fxhash RPC

  • Scroll down, until you get to ADD A NETWORK
  • Give it a name (whatever you prefer)
  • Enter https://rpc1.fxhash.xyz as the base URL
  • Add the network

Add a network

The RPC should now appear in the list of available endpoints.

Network should be added

Set fxhash RPC as active RPC

  • Go back to the home of Temple
  • Click on the dropdown to select the RPC (labelled as Tezos Mainet if you have the default settings)
  • Select FXHASH RPC (or the name you entered)

Set RPC active

That's it !

Now the requests you send to the blockchain will go through the fxhash RPC, and so if the public nodes are down/slow due to important activity, it will make sure that your requests go through. You can change the RPC whenever you want.

Is is safe to use ?

When you send an operation on the Tezos blockchain, it is signed locally using your private key (Temple does it under the hood). You then send the operation with a signature attached to it to prove that your are the author. RPCs are only receiving your operation and the signature, 2 components required to apply the transaction on the blockchain. The RPC cannot change the operation, because then the signature would become invalid and the blockchain would reject it. Also, since you never send the private key on the network, the RPC will never have it.

Thanks to liquid !

The RPC was deployed by liquid, thanks a lot to him !